Crisis Management

We worked with 99p Stores when they were due to be featured on BBC’s consumer programme, Watchdog. The Co-founder was interviewed by Anne Robinson and turned what could have been a negative story into a winning one, enhancing his company’s reputation in the process!

If you or your company was caught in a media storm would you know what to do? Working under pressure, to time and getting it right is all that counts. With an in depth understanding and years of experience in PR and the media, we‚ll ensure you come out on the right side with the best outcome for you.

Identifying the correct strategy, drafting the press release and being prepared for the interview will ensure you take control and are ready to handle the situation. We‚ll cover all the possible angles, create the right atmosphere and put you through your paces, so you feel strong, prepared and confident. More importantly, we will help you to protect your reputation.

Our crisis management training prepares you should anything ever go wrong. Our advisory services ensure you have a proper strategy in place and everybody knows what to do when the unexpected happens.

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